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(no subject) [Jul. 26th, 2008|04:52 am]

I thought I would say, that CRIMSON site was updated on the 23rd July (Wed) with tour dates. Through the end of August to the end of September they will tour Japan. Maybe then we might get more media and things from CRIMSON. I will be in Japan for two months as of November, so if i see them I will post review/etc in this comm.

It's sad how it's really dead in here, although- there's not much to go on, yet.
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introduction★彡 [May. 3rd, 2008|05:10 pm]

welcome to the CRIMSON community. if youre interested and havent joined yet, please join and show your support for the band ^^

any questions or comments you have about this community can be asked in reply to this entry, thank you♪
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